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  • POST statuses/update
  • POST statuses/update_with_media
  • POST statuses/retweet/:id
  • POST statuses/destroy/:id

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Rate Limiting

The rate limiting for calls to these API depends on all conditions below.


Those that duplicated with recent posts(about 20) will be regulated.
POST statuses/update API only.


It simply is not "per three hours".
We define "one Section" as for 3 hours.
We post something, then the "Section" is start. (If the section has not started.)
Between the "Section", we can request 127 APIs.


"Twitter Developer Official" announces this rate limiting.

Twitter Help Center Twitter limits (API, updates, and following)

However, According to the rate limti above this (127req/3hours), the calculated rate limit is 1016req/day (127 * 8).


The client "Mobile Web", "Keitai Web", "HootSuite" had a whitelist API and These could request 20000req/hour, but it was regulated on March 2012.

GET Rate Limiting is here.

REST API v1.1 Limits per window by resource Twitter Developers


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05 April 2013